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Sports betting can be quite confusing for people who are just starting out. If you are new to sports betting, you should know the basics so you don’t get too confused. There are several terms you should know, including Point spread and futures bets. You can read this article for more information. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use the odds and how to place your bets. In addition, we’ll also discuss what to do in case you’re unsure of the outcome.

Basics of sports betting

Online sports betting is a popular and profitable form of gambling. Sports bettors choose games they know well and hope the odds will be in their favor. Before you get involved in the action, it’s a good idea to learn the basics of sports betting. This guide will explain the terms that you need to know.

There are a variety of bet types available, but all involve placing money behind an outcome. Common bet types include moneyline, spread, and parlays. If you’re new to sports betting, it can be a little intimidating to start with.

Point spread

The point spread is a form of betting in which you bet on the winner of a game based on the projected number of points scored by each team. In point spread betting, the favorite is represented by a minus sign (-), and the underdog is represented by a plus sign (+). To win a bet, the favorite team must beat the underdog team by the projected number of points. To bet against the point spread, the underdog must win outright or beat the favorite by a predetermined margin.

The point spread is calculated by handicappers, and is generally in the range of 0.5 to 13.5 for a football game. It is not unusual to see a wider spread, although these are not common. Point spreads are the basis for sound sports betting, so be sure to understand how they work.

Futures bets

Futures bets in sports betting involve wagering on events that will happen in the future. These bets are most often placed prior to the season beginning. They are very popular and can bring in significant payouts if they are successful. However, these bets are highly risky and should only be made by people who are serious about sports betting.

The best way to bet on a future event is by taking a long-term view. Most sportsbooks offer futures bets. You can place your bets on an individual player, a team, or an entire tournament, such as the NBA or MLB. You can also bet on the winner of a championship in a certain sport.

Prop bets

Prop bets are a unique way to make money in sports betting. They can be placed on anything from the number of points scored by LeBron James to the first team to score a touchdown in an NFL matchup. Prop bets are more difficult to handicap, so it’s essential to do your research before placing your bets.

The odds on these bets are based on the consensus line and historical results. This helps you see how much the odds have changed from game to game. You can also slide the line in prop bets. You can also apply advanced filters to exclude outliers and take into account the underdog status of a team.

In-play betting

With the collapse of traditional sports betting, many sports bettors have turned to in-play sports wagering. This type of wagering is most popular in Europe and the US. In-play wagering offers customers the opportunity to place bets while the game is in progress, giving them more time to place their bets. In-play wagering can be profitable for a sportsbook and can help boost revenue.